Azienda Agricola Summer Wolff

Azienda Agricola Summer Wolff

Piedmont, Italy

Hootananny and Azienda Agricola Summer Wolff

Az. Agr. Summer Wolff is the culmination of decades of dreams, ideas, study, curiosity, travelling, failures and successes all coming together.

Watching, working with, building and growing a winery together with my husband gave me inspiration and motivation for my import journey. I travelled Europe meeting small, young, and mostly unknown natural winemakers and learned about their stories, struggles, and accomplishments. Hearing and learning about their hits and misses in order to help me be the best ambassador I could be for their estates in the US, obviously left a mark.

Azienda Agricola Summer Wolff Details

For now I’ve only 2 hectares of land in the same valley as my husbands winery, Cascina Iuli, but I have plans of planting more… slowly, when the time is right.

We have rented some vineyards from a legendary grape grower in the Monferrato called Rosalba for over a decade now, and for the past 5 years or so we have also done a micro-vinification for her of her beautiful Freisa in our cellar… only one barrel, or one damigiana, depending on which way the wind blew that year. This just for her personal and familiar consumption.

Each year Fabrizio and I tasted this little ‘Rosalba’ barrel, throughout it’s evolution, before we bottled it and sent it off with her, and every year I would say; “This is so good, I am fascinated by this variety; I want to make a Freisa!” Fabrizio looked at me two years ago and said, ‘do it!’

So I did.