Domaine de la Parentière

Domaine de la Parentière

Loire, France

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After the hard work in the vineyard for a whole season, the quality of the wine is made first of all in the vineyard. The balance that we provide throughout the season, between soil cover, microbial fertilisation and of course 100% mechanical weeding as well as foliar protection helps us to have quality grapes.

Our soils have been organically farmed for 40 years and we are very grateful for this! but it takes a lot of patience and observation.

These quality grapes must imperatively remain quality until the end, which is why we harvest all the varieties exclusively by hand, sorting on the vine and pouring the whole grape into the press without any mechanical action, which allows us to have lees after pressing of very good quality to be able to make long maturing!

The lees are all the fruit of the grape, this living matter is essential in the maturing of our wines.

The fact that we do not crush the grapes also allows us, especially for the whites, to avoid oxidation at the time of harvest, this mechanical oxidation which subsequently forces us to add sulphite to the wine to keep it fresh. We do everything possible to use as little as possible.

All our wines are made with 100% indigenous yeast, no commercial yeast is used, not even for the base of the vat, we want to keep the authenticity of each vat.
We wish to remain "small" in order to be able to manage all these manual stages without artifice, it is a choice that is dear to us.

Nothing is taken away, nothing is added, everything is in the fruit! "